Sugar: Good or Bad for Health

You must have often heard from people that sugar is harmful for health. We should not use it but is sugar really harmful to health? You will get the answer to this question in our article today. Read this article till the end. Suppose you have completely stopped consuming white sugar, but in reality this has not happened. You are still consuming sugar even if the sugar is not white or is in another form. Now you might be wondering how? Did you also consider only white sugar as sugar? If yes, then now you need to go a little deeper. There are many types of sugar like fructose, galactose, glucose, maltose sucrose etc. Now you had stopped white sugar but you had not stopped these types of sugar due to which you were consuming sugar. We all eat fruits and vegetables. The special type of sugar present in it is called fructose. Similarly, we consume dairy products like milk, curd, ghee etc. these also contain sugar which we call lactose. The only difference is that we get white sugar by processing sugarcane and we get special types of sugar like fructose, lactose naturally but in reality that sugar just changes its type. Now we had a question, is the use of sugar really harmful? See, this is directly related to your eating habits. If your eating habits are proper and disciplined then you do not include any kind of fried food in your eating habits. You stay away from junk food. If you use it in very small quantities in cookies, donuts, chocolates, baked items, then eating sugar will not have any negative effect on you.

Now you will not use sugar or white sugar directly for eating. You can use it by adding two spoons in your tea or as a dessert, that is, you use it with some edible item only. Now imagine the opposite situation where you put two spoons of sugar in your tea and drink it every day but at the same time you also consume a lot of donuts, chocolates, cookies, baked items etc. If your diet includes fried, roasted etc. then will the sugar here become harmful for your health? Of course it will, but not only the sugar but your entire diet will be responsible for your health related problems. It would not be right to blame only sugar. Think for yourself, among the things included in your diet, how much effect will just two spoons of sugar in tea have on your health? This is just a small part of your diet. Now you must be understanding that not only sugar is responsible for your health problems but your entire eating habits are wrong. If you pay attention to your eating habits and replace sugar with its alternatives, you can get relief from your health problems to a great extent. If sugar is used in proper quantity then it will not have any negative effect on your body but it is not that it has a positive effect either. If you like sugar or have a sweet tooth and you also want that it does not increase your calories, then you can use sugar alternatives like artificial sweeteners. These are absolutely safe to eat if used within a limited range. We see the use of these sweeteners in many places like Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi etc.

Their biggest advantage is that they come with zero calories. Stevia is also a type of natural sweetener. You can also use it in place of sugar.

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