Secrets of the Svadhisthana Chakra

Hello friends, in today’s article we will talk about Swadisthan Chakra, one of the seven chakras. This chakra holds the second place among our seven chakras which is situated in the navel of the human being. If a person awakens this chakra, he can become free from his mental stress, cruelty, pride and many other bad habits like laziness. If a person rules his daily routine and pays attention to his eating habits, then he can free himself from this chakra. Can awaken powers. Swadisthan Chakra is considered a symbol of life-giving water which confronts us with many mysterious and exciting experiences of our conscience. Our Puranas mention the story of Amrit Manthan in which the gods drank the nectar with the help of Lord Shri Vishnu, which shows his generosity and creative power.

When the chakra is awakened, a person begins to see many possibilities related to freedom. While we were talking about creative power, it is seen in abundance in our Puranas and Vedas where sages have created many mantras and ideas with the help of their penance power and creative power. Every mantra, every word found in the Vedas teaches a person something new and also inspires him to think better.

In fact, due to the influence of this chakra, a person becomes sensitive and sensitivity helps a person in understanding thoughts and feelings and works to make life beautiful and easy. Once a person starts feeling its effects, his life takes a new direction.

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