Know about the Muladhara Chakra

Hello friends, do you know about the Mooladhar Chakra? If not, then today’s article is for you. Without delay, let’s go straight to our topic. It is mentioned in our Puranas that Lord Shiva has created this entire earth from his hair. The Mooladhar Chakra has emerged as a result of his meditation power from the brilliance of those dreadlocks. This chakra connects our soul with Mother Earth. The description of this Mooladhar Chakra is found in another story which is related to Lord Shri Ganesha, which identifies him with his stability. The name of the Mooladhar Chakra is unique in itself, Mool means base. This chakra reflects the sense of status and security in our religious beliefs. In the Hindu Tantric context, Mooladhar is the first chakra among the seven chakras, which is located at the root of the earth. It is said that the person who awakens the powers of this chakra experiences a different stability and basic self-confidence in himself.

This chakra not only provides physical and spiritual security, but it also has special importance in sexual relations. With the awakening of this chakra, a sense of harmony starts coming in a person and his religious and spiritual development takes place. The methods of awakening it include yoga practice and strict discipline. This chakra is awakened by following special rules and meditating. Lord Shri Krishna also preaches to Arjun in the Bhagwat Geeta that by being stable, a person can get favorable results even in the most difficult situations.

Lord Shri Krishna preaches Arjun to remain stable in every situation, we should also apply this advice in our life. Awakening the chakra is a different spiritual process in itself, as a result of which we are able to keep ourselves connected to our inner soul. If a person is suffering from mental stress, then he should take refuge in a practitioner and an accomplished guru who can free him from his stress by awakening his Muladhara Chakra. With the effect of awakening the chakra, a person can remain stable even in the most difficult situations.

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