5 tips to become a successful salesperson

Friends, today’s article is very special for those people who are involved in sales. Sales is not an easy task but once someone learns to do it properly, his chances of progress increase to a great extent. Every organization has its own sales team. If we say that the sales team is the backbone of the organization, then there is no need to repeat it. The job of the members of this team is not only to sell the product but also to maintain the value of the organization. Only 20% of this team is responsible for bringing in 80% of the sales and these people alone take home the incentives and bonuses earned equal to 80% of the team. Among these 20% people, there are 4% people who earn a lot of money by selling. After all, what is so special about these 20% people that is not there in the remaining 80% of the team? After all, how are these people expert in closing sales? In today’s article we will tell you five tips to become a successful seller. If you follow these tips then I can say with certainty that you will become better and better in sales work, so without any delay let’s go straight to the first tip.

1.Have a positive mindset

One of the reasons for failure in sales work is that negative thoughts are roaming in the salesman’s mind. The seller does not have positive thinking. If you think in advance that the person in front will not buy your product, then in reality you will not be able to sell your product to him. You have already accepted defeat. The difference between a successful salesman and an unsuccessful salesman is his mentality. While on one hand a successful salesman has a positive mindset, on the other hand an unsuccessful salesman always fails due to his negative mindset. If you want to be successful in sales and be among the top 20%, then you should pay attention to your mindset. It will not change in a day but with continuous practice it will definitely change one day. With a positive mindset, you will not only be able to sell the product to the other person but will also be able to establish a close relationship with him. First of all you have to close the sales in your mind. Imagine that the person in front has taken your product and he is very happy with your product. Whenever you think positive thoughts in your mind, then you will be able to sell the product to the other person in the right way. What I mean to say is that always think good.

2.Understand the need of the prospectus well

Perhaps one reason for not being able to close the sale is that the seller does not understand the need of the prospectus well and what the person wants. Can your product meet the customer’s need? If your product cannot satisfy his need then why would he buy your product? Time management is of utmost importance in sales work. If you are explaining your product to a prospect who does not need it, then you will definitely not be able to close the sale and your time will also be wasted. A salesperson’s time is very valuable. If you are devoting time to a prospect that will provide you with no benefit, you will lose potential buyers because all your time will be spent on unnecessary prospects. People who are experts in sales understand the needs of the person in front of them very well and deal with them accordingly and show them similar products. He also understands their capabilities very well and tries to sell them products in the same price range. Suppose the income of the person in front is Rs 15000 per month and you are trying to sell him a product worth Rs 30000, then will you really be successful in it, absolutely not. Even if that person needs your product, still he will not buy your product because its capacity is only up to 15000. In such a situation, what will you do and what methods can you use? You should understand that in short, you should show the product keeping in mind his need and his purchasing power.

3.Improve communication skills

If I say that without good communication skills, you cannot do sales work, would you agree? If your answer is no, then you should know the correct answer today. Only better communication skills make you successful in sales work. Think for yourself whether you will buy a product from a person who is not able to tell you about the product in the right way or from a person who is explaining to you the advantages and disadvantages of that product in the right way. Obviously, from the other person Only you will buy the product. There are many benefits of better communication skills, it proves to be very beneficial in both your personal life and professional life. The salesman’s daily job is to approach the prospect, explain his product to him, and try to close the deal. But what is important in this is the way you talk, how you explain your product to the other person? While explaining about the product, your body language, your eye contact is correct or not. You should pay attention to these things to see if your approach is too aggressive. You should read books as well as observe yourself to improve your communication skills. When you observe yourself carefully, you learn to control your expressions and your hand movements well.

4.Try to give alternatives to the customer

A successful salesman is the one who ultimately closes the sale. Take an imaginary situation, you showed a product to a prospect and he liked your product but your product is more expensive than his expected price, then will he be able to buy your product? Absolutely not. What will you do in such circumstances? The rule of giving alternatives works only in such circumstances. You show the product to the customer as per his range or give him the option of EMI or give him the option of buy now pay later. What I mean to say is that if the customer If someone likes your product, all you have to do is provide an alternative and your product gets sold instantly.

5.Have complete information about your product

To make a successful sale, it is very important that you have complete information about your product. If you do not have complete information about your product, then how will you explain it to the person in front of you. Many times it happens that due to incomplete information, we are not able to sell the product to the other person. The customer buys your product only when he knows the goodness of your product. If he knows how your product is better than the products of other companies, then only he can make up his mind to buy and who will give this information to you, that is why you should have all the information about your product. You should have all the information about your product like advantages, disadvantages, price etc.

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